Top 5 Free Streaming Audio Recorders

Reasons for using streaming audio recorders is to listen to music without the need of internet, legally getting the music you want and be able to listen to the music of your choice.

A lot of audio recorders are available for you to download that are free to try or has a free trial for you to try at first.

But which streaming audio recorders are actually free?

Below are the list of audio recorders which you may use for free:

Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch Audio RecorderAn audio recorder that can capture lossless audio quality and save it as lossless WAV and then converted as MP3 (320 kbps). An easy to use software that creates the perfect atmosphere when listening to your recorded tracks. Has an automatic ID3 tagging feature which inputs automatically artist, title and album upon recording,

Apowersoft Free Audio Recorder

ApowersoftOne of the popular free streaming audio recorders due to its effective uncomplicated or easy interface which can record high quality audio on most popular music streaming sites.


  • Supported audio formats to choose from AAC, FLAC, M4A, MP3, OGG, WAV, WMA files.
  • Can be used in Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • Has automatic ID3 tagging feature
  • Has the option after recording to save your recording if audio quality is great and discard it if bad
  • Has other features like “Play and Share”


  • Observed to have low sound recording
  • Does not have the ability to split between tracks
  • Splitting when there is silence does not work even changed in the settings to 10 milliseconds
  • No sound Playback when casting is done using Android devices
  • Not showing the artist plus title name in filename as WAV when exporting, its only showing the title
  • Sometimes FLAC recording does not work
  • Sometimes no tags are saved after recording


AudacityA flexible and almost all-inclusive tool that you may use for free when it comes to recording music. A well equipped tool that caters recording, editing and adding effect which may bring enhancement.


  • Supports Windows 10
  • Most feature rich free audio recorder
  • Available to Windows, Mac, and Linux


  • Needs additional programs to be able to use the full feature
  • Issues with recording when PC/ laptop connected with USB preamp or with a USB Audio Interface capture device
  • Few devices will not record in some Windows 10 OS devices

Free Sound Recorder

Free Sound RecorderA great and completely free tool for recording music on widely known music streaming sites and record it as WAV.


  • Available in Windows only
  • Supports audio formats like MP3, OGG, WAV, and WMA
  • Schedule recording
  • Easy interface
  • Supports all modern Soundcard


  • Installation failure
  • Recording issues on Windows 10 OS

Hi-Q Recorder

Hi Q RecorderA free audio recorder software where it can record high quality audio mp3 which you have options of level of bitrate to choose from.


  • Supports audio format files MP3, WAV, WMA, OGG, AIF, AU, RAW, MPEG and more.
  • Has a feature to pause a recording for unwanted portions when recording
  • Can Schedule recordings


  • Does not split tracks automatically
  • No ID3 Tagging feature
  • Available in Windows only
  • Cluttered and complicated settings

Gilisoft Audio Recorder 

GillisoftAn audio recorder that can capture music or any audio on your computer whether from music streaming sites, online radios, and music stored on your computer.


  • Has an option to record via microphone or speaker
  • Make ringtones from recorded audio
  • Convert recorded audio to MP3, WAV, and WMA
  • Schedule recording
  • Automatically pauses recording when it detects silence
  • Preview recorded tracks before saving


  • Sound Card issues
  • Pop up messages
  • Available in Windows only
  • No automatic ID3 tagging feature

All of the free ones mentioned above are working but has limitations when it comes to recording your favorite tracks. The limitations i mean is either it can record or not record due to their issues.

The amazing software which you can try for free still an audio recorder that records music from any music streaming site, online radios, and music played either from CD or music stored already on your computer.

It is Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch Audio Recorder


Make ringtones from recorded tracks and tracks are managed by saving it in a specified folder of your choosing.

For the full functionality of Cinch audio recorder, registering on an affordable onetime payment only of $25 to have lifetime updates is very favorable in the future. Although it may not be totally be free but it is one of the cheapest audio recorders with an efficiency of 100% that are proven by many.