Top 10 Grooveshark Alternatives

Grooveshark was a music streaming site founded on 2006 by Joshua Greenberg garnering 35M users.

People can upload copyrighted music to the site and organizing playlist for people to search, listen and download. It was sued by Warner music, EMI Music Publishing and Sony Music Entertainment thus resulted in the removal of its application from iOS and Facebook but still available to Google Play and Cydia.

April 30, 2015, it was shut down as part of settlement with major record labels over by copy infringement

Since it’s closed, below are list of known music streaming sites like Grooveshark


Top 10 Grooveshark Alternatives

No.1 Tidal

One of the music streaming sites where you can listen to an audio quality as high as 1411 kbps FLAC. As “Sound Matters as their tagline, one can experience ultimate music experience. Available in 52 countries and have 40M songs available for streaming and download for listening offline. Have two subscriptions to choose from which is HIFI and Premium. Tidal offers 30 days Free trial for new subscribers for both tiers

NO.2 Spotify

The popular music streaming site which offers lossless audio quality at 320kbps WAV upon subscribing to their Premium with millions of available music catalogs. Spotify has an option to download music and listen offline similar to other music streaming sites. Some artists are not available for the reason they can’t make enough money. Audio Quality is not as high as Tidal but by their cheap subscription cost compared to Tidal which enables them to still compete.

No.3 Apple Music

Apple Music is one of the music streaming sites that lets you stream at the lossless audio quality at 256 kbps AAC. Lets you discover new artists and music like for you to listen and download music, but service is mostly more focused and exclusive to apple products. Reasons, why some people opt to use other music streaming sites besides exclusivity, are due to issues with music sharing, cloud integration, and cluttered iTunes.

No.4 SoundCloud

Similar to Grooveshark where people can stream, upload and share for others to download. The downside is that most songs are of low audio quality around 128 kbps. This is good for those new artists and DJ’s who wants to promote their music and be discovered and be closer to their fans.

No.5 Last.Fm

Offers you your favorite music to listen and stream. Like Grooveshark, they let their user upload and share their playlist to the world. Has a Feature which is called “Scrobbling” that report or outlines the songs that you usually listen to. It uses metadata information like artist, title, album’s (ID3 tag) to build your profile. What I like about this site is it shows what people are listening to as to guide you if you’re looking discover or hear new music.

No.6 Pandora

New online streaming music where you listen to music for free. Only available in U.S, Australia, and New Zealand. Most users look for another streaming sites due to few list of songs around 1 million. You can make your own playlist and share with other users.

No.7 Amazon Prime Music

Amazon Music offers tens of millions of catalogs to stream, download and listens offline. Their audio quality for streaming is competitive to Spotify and Apple Music since it’s around 256 kbps and supports audio formats like WMA, FLAC, OGG, Apple lossless, WAV and more. Same with Apple Music which is more tailored towards to their devices such as Amazon echo, Echo dot or Amazon tap. What most people not like about Amazon music are Sort Functionality, Gapless playback and web player takes too much toll on their CPU’s processor

No.8 Deezer

Its service is quite similar to Grooveshark. With over 35M songs and many subscribers, Deezer is slowly becoming one of the best music streaming services online. If you want to have the best parts of the service is you need to upgrade your subscription to premium. Audio quality for free is around 128 kbps, if you upgrade to premium it’s 320 kbps and 1411 kbps which is similar to Tidal if you upgrade to Hi-def CD quality.

No. 9 Rdio

Rdio is also a good music streaming site. Similar to other streaming sites which you can create your own playlist and share it with other people, choose your personal radio station. To be able to listen good quality audio is you need to upgrade to premium. Able to sync with chormecast and Roku.

No. 10 8tracks

Another streaming website where it’s all about playlist and sharing it with other people for easier discovery of what are the music you like basing on what you usually listen to.  Recent updates of 8 tracks make a lot of users got disappointed due to intrusive ads between songs and most of the music does not play or not found.