Top 10 Streaming Audio/Music Recorders Review

Streaming music online either through streaming sites or through online radios can be great, but sometimes you want to be able to listen to that same music at will in your car or at home.

It isn’t always possible to download MP3 music files and play them on another device, as systems are becoming more and more closed. iTunes and Spotify are two popular choices for music, however, you cannot access the music on different devices, such as your car or music players like SONY.


So, how else can I listen to the music I want, when I want, how I want? By using Audio Stream Recording programs!


This review will cover top 10 streaming music recording programs that allow you to convert streaming to MP3  on your PC or laptop which you can then use on other devices freely.


NO.1 Cinch Audio Recorder

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One of the best recorders I’ve used is Cinch Audio Recorder. Some of the best features for this program are the fact that you do not need to use a virtual sound card, as some of the recorders require. This means you don’t have to go through the hassle of switching between your onboard sound card and a virtual one which means that it is far more user-friendly.

Another great feature is that you don’t need the sound to be high, or even on for it to record. You can set it to record and then mute on your speakers. This is a really great feature as it means you can set Cinch to record a podcast or stream while you are doing something else – as long as the sound is being played through the output device, it will record the audio. As such you must ensure that your output device is, in fact, playing the audio.

Some other features worth noting would be the automatic ID3 and ID3 editor. The tags, such as artist, album, etc. for your music will be added in real time, with an accuracy rating of nearly 100%. If you find an error, no problem, as you are able to manually edit your own tags. The interface is user-friendly with a comprehensive user manual available online.

For detail steps to convert Spotify to MP3, check here


NO.2 iSkysoft iMusic

The iSkysoft iMusic program will allow you to download or record any audio and features easy accessibility on both Windows and Mac, making file transfers simple and painless. The recording process works in such a way that you are able to retain the quality of the original audio file. iSkysoft iMusic also has the ability to filter out ads that may appear on online streaming sites or podcasts.


NO.3 Wondershare streaming audio recorder

Update(7.22.2018): This recorder is no longer working, I will find a better one to fit this position

Wondershare has a similar layout to iTunes which may make it easier people who are familiar with it, however, it is not as straightforward as that and definitely requires that you read up a little on how to use it – luckily they do provide handy tutorials to help you on your way. Wondershare is able to retain the original audio quality and is available on both Windows and Mac. One of the cons of Wondershare is that it does require a virtual sound card, this increases the technical skill needed to use the program and makes it a little less accessible to the everyday user.


NO.4 Aktiv MP3 Recorder

The Aktiv MP3 Recorder is great in that it is able to record sound played through the sound card, meaning nothing extra needs to be done on your side to record. It also boasts a wide variety of formats that recordings can be saved as. The interface is very busy, with a lot of settings and options available in front of you, it does make it easier to find what you’re looking for, but at the same time, it can be a little cluttered. The graphics are also a very old school, which some may appreciate but may seem old and outdated to others.


NO.5 Streamosaur

Streamosaur records through the sound card, meaning that you don’t need to use a virtual sound card. The layout and interface are pretty simple and allow for you to choose the file type on the screen instead of going into settings. Streamosaur is donationware, which means that it might not always have the latest tools that you need to use, however, the program is a good entry level to start on. Unfortunately, if you want it to be recorded in MP3 you will need to get an encoder, as the native recording format is WAV. The interface is also known to have some visual problems, depending on your settings for text and resolution of your screen.


NO.6 Ondesoft iTunes Converter

Ondesoft iTunes Converter is a great tool for those who will be working strictly with iTunes. You will be able to extract audio files from music, movies, and other videos. There are a wide variety of different file types to choose from once you’ve extracted the audio. It has great features and allows you to convert your files without you losing any of the original tags such as artist, title, album etc. Since it only works with iTunes, it may be viewed as limited, but as a person who would only be using iTunes, it would be fine.


NO.7 Audio Hijack

Audio Hijack has some great features for those interested in podcasting. It allows you to schedule your recordings, which means that you’ll be able to listen to podcasts or other streams at a later stage. It will also allow for recording in all major formats without the need to add any encoders. Audio Hijack also features a silence detector which will either stop the recording or start recording a new audio clip – for example, separate songs or different topics. You will also be able to play, delay and rewind any live streams that you are recording. This can be quite useful to anyone who needs to transcribe long audio clips.


NO.8 Krut

Krut Computer recorder is a multi-functioning tool – not only is it able to record audio, but for those interested, it can also record video. This kind of software is aimed towards those who would be interested in sharing their digital experiences such as design, art or gaming. It is also able to record streamed audio such as through podcasts or YouTube. The recording quality will be good but you will need to get another program if you wish to change the file format, as Krut is not able to do so.


NO. 9 Apowersoft streaming audio recorder

Streaming Audio Recorder is a great tool for people who enjoy listening to music streams and want to be able to preserve those songs. Using this program you will be able to convert the audio files into a compatible format for your device. You also have the option of directly downloading songs through a built-in MP3 search engine. The program features a simple interface with different tabs for recording, downloading as well as a built-in radio and library. A build in the editor will allow you to merge and add your own effects to the audio.


NO. 10 Audacity

Audacity is a free streaming audio recorder that is simple and easy to use, you will be able to use this software to record sound found online as well as be able to edit it, add your own sounds or create your own music. If necessary you will also be able to convert file types, create playlists and combine music. The interface is a bit confusing at first, but you’ll grow accustomed to it. It also provides streaming audio recorder for Android on Google Play.