How to record music from online streaming service step by step

2018 Audfree Spotify Music Converter for Mac Review

You can enjoy Spotify music online and offline if you are a premium user. Is it possible to do so if I only have a free Spotify account? The answer is YES. All you need is a Spotify downloader tool … Read More

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How to Record Radio Blog using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Contents are no longer limited to articles; they come out as a pre-recorded audio. Podcast hosting platforms and online talk shows have become a phenomenal industry with today’s modern internet setup. Internet radios, podcast stations, and web TVs offer listeners … Read More

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How to Record Napster using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Napster used to be a file-sharing app that allowed users to share music with fellow online users without purchasing the original CD copy. Now it becomes a full streaming music service that provides users easy access to millions of original … Read More

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How to Record MySpace Music using Cinch Audio Recorder?

MySpace is a highly interactive social networking site that connects millions of users through file sharing and exchange of ideas. Subscribers create their own profile page that they can use to upload personal photos, communicate with friends and post some … Read More

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How to Record iTunes Radio Music using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Developed by Apple Inc., iTunes Radio is an internet radio service designed for all iTunes enthusiasts and is made accessible to all IOS devices. Its listeners are allowed to create multiple playlists, customize their own station and acquire the station’s … Read More

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