How to Save Audio from YouTube in MP3 format?

To save audio from YouTube in MP3 is a common thing that most people do when they hear a song they usually love. YouTube is one of the most common music streaming sites that is most accessible, convenient, and free. Most of the music can be found on this site even local songs that are uploaded by people.


It’s not only limited to songs but videos, movies, reports, and more. As long as there is audio you need, you can save it.

Have you tried Youtube mp3 Downloader?

It’s a working software, but there are annoying ads on it. The software is working even though you’re using it for free. It’s the most known software that some are familiar with. There are a lot of software out there actually, but you need to try this and see it for yourself.


Solutery Audio Recorder




The software is really direct or straightforward.

As you see when it’s launched, you’ll know right away how to use it right away.

If your computer or laptop is on Windows 10 and your smart screen is turned on, try to click “Run anyway” and proceed with the installation.


How to Save Audio from YouTube in MP3 format?


Step 1: Launch Solutery Audio Recorder and ready the music you want to save on YouTube.

Step 2: Click the Start Record button (The round button at the bottom right).

Step 3: Go to YouTube and Play the music you like.

save youtube

Step 4: Wait for the music to finish before clicking “stop recording.”

solutery youtube downloader

The recorded track will appear on the Solutery playlist as shown above.

As you can see, the tags are already captured by Solutery.

Easy right?

Good thing also is no ads can be seen.

You need to know though that after installing the software it’s on a free trial which can record up to 5 songs.

Registering your Solutery

Registering the software is needed to have unlimited recordings or save multiple songs.

To register just click the settings icon located on the upper right and select the first drop down option “Enter Keycode.”

If you haven’t bought it yet, choose the second option but it now.

Saving Multiple Music

If you want to save multiple tracks like a playlist on YouTube, it’s still possible, and it will automatically record and get its tags.

Doing this, you need to know that the music file saved will be a single file.

To separate it, you need to adjust the settings when it comes to splitting music to “Random.”

In the end, click the stop recording button for the audio recorder to stop.

Lossless Music

The saved Mp3 track can be saved as lossless WAV by going to settings

lossless solutery

The default bitrate of the music saved is 320 kbp/s.

You can lower it to 120 kbp/s but not recommended.

The music recorded can’t be 100% on a 320kbp/s since if the uploaded music on youtube is below 320 kbp/s, then it will not be enhanced to a higher one.

How do you like the software so far?

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