How to Rip Pandora Music?

Pandora music is where you can also uncover unknown music artists, play and listen to their songs with the option to listen to similar music from other artists due to their Music Genome Project. If you’re a music artist yourself you can upload your songs and customize your profile for people to hear. People love to try and listen to different music for a while and would like to rip it before it may not be accessible again in the future. Although subscribing to Pandora is way cheaper compared to other music streaming sites, some would still opt to take an opportunity to rip Pandora music for free.

rip pandora music

Reasons to some are even though you’re on a premium account there is still no limitless skipping of music and missing some songs you may like which users tend to think it’s not worth subscribing to. When you download music from Pandora you can only listen to it offline using the Pandora web player. To rip Pandora music you need to have a different kind of way to do it and the only method is by using a Pandora Ripper.

Download Cinch Audio Recorder and install

Cinch is the best in their business when it comes to recording lossless quality music from Pandora. It’s easy to use which people would not find difficulty when using it to record. The best thing about Cinch is you don’t need an extra software or extension to be able to use it, just open it and record that’s it.

Below, you can find the steps on ripping music from Pandora.

How to Rip Pandora Music?

Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder and click “Start Recording

start recording After the installation of your Cinch you are using the free trial, if you’re planning to record multiple tracks then I suggest to register not just to access its full feature but to record unlimited songs. The recorded tracks are saved as lossless WAV and then converted to a common audio format MP3.

Step 2: Log in to Pandora music. If you’re not able to view Pandora due to geographical restrictions then you can use browsers which can change IP addresses or by the use of VPN.

 Play the track you like on Pandora music

pandoraOn Pandora music it’s completely ad free when you subscribe to their $4.99 per month which offers also limitless skipping, rewind and offline listening capability. You can use an extension to a browser like ad block to block the ads on Pandora.

Step 3: When you’re done just click “Stop Recording

stop recordingIt will then appear on Cinch playlist menu after a few seconds. The tags are already present after recording due to ID3 tagging feature of Cinch which can get the tags of all music almost perfectly.

Tips:In rare cases where you find a tag not present on a track you can just manually edit by clicking the “Edit ID3” icon.

Cinch Audio RecorderThe ripped Pandora songs are stored on a specific folder which you can view and manage later on. The above method is highly effective and you should be able to rip any Pandora music with ease. Do try it and if you have any query then do let me know by commenting.