How to Record from Yahoo Music using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Yahoo music can be a great source for news and updates of any music Genre you like and follow. If you want to know some new songs or top hits for this week or month, then be sure to visit and listen to streaming.

A lot of unique visitors visit this site per month, no question its one of the most popular music website in 2017.

To record music from Yahoo Music, just download and install Cinch Audio Recorder.

Recording music using Cinch is the best way if ever you think of downloading some or all of the songs available.

Visit and download the windows version. You’ll be getting the free trial version which lets you record up to 5 songs maximum. Try to record a few songs and if you like it, register for a full version.

It’s very direct so you won’t have any trouble understanding it so much.

There are only three steps to recording a Music.


  1. Click Recording Button
  2. Play music on Yahoo music
  3. Wait for the music to finish
  4. Click stop recording button once done.

All the recorded music are saved as an MP3 audio format. If you wish to record it as lossless WAV, check out it in the settings and check the box for WAV option.

On the MP3 selection, you can select two bitrates available. On bitrate is 128 kbps and the other is 320 kbps. I suggest choosing the latter as it has more quality compared to the other.

Recording concerts or any audio found can be recorded. Be sure to set the automatic splitting of songs longer than usual to record longer audio.

Cinch Playlist Menu

On this menu, the tags will automatically propagate after a few seconds after each song. The artist, album, and title will appear. If in case you want to edit, on the right side of the track click edit ID3 to freely edit any information you like or add any images to the album.

Other uses of Ringtone maker

The song can be made as a ringtone but can be used to edit the track itself. If you want to delete a portion of it at the beginning or at the end then it can be done. Deleting a portion in the middle is not possible as it will only save the middle.

Record the songs you find today and transfer to your mobile phone for later use.

Feel free to ask for any difficulties.