How to Record Napster using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Napster used to be a file-sharing app that allowed users to share music with fellow online users without purchasing the original CD copy. Now it becomes a full streaming music service that provides users easy access to millions of original full-length tracks on their computer, phone, and portable devices. You can listen to different music genres you like, or discover newly-released songs from other sources and network of online listeners. With subscription packages available for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android, you can enjoy listening to latest hits anytime you want.

Powered by Napster, iHeartRadio All Access is the newest music streaming service that gives you the best access to a broad range of featured singles, popular artists and genres on any device. You can setup your own radio station, create a playlist and give music recommendations to online friends. Napster also features live concert events and interviews with your favorite artists released in audio format. Unfortunately, there are instances where you want to keep your own copies of these music files, but you can’t download them.

How to Record Napster using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Let Cinch Audio Recorder do the work

Cinch Audio Recorder has made it possible to provide you high-quality music so you can listen to your favorite hits anywhere you go. It has the best features to record excellent music from Napster and hundreds of other music streaming sites. Using this software, you can organize the recorded music by editing the track details or removing all unwanted recordings simultaneously. Discover how to record Napster music with this highly-efficient audio recording tool.

Download Cinch Audio Recorder: Click Here

Step 1: Install and launch Cinch Audio Recorder on your desktop computer. Select the right software version that matches your existing operating system. Close all running applications including music players to avoid capturing other sounds.


Step 2: Cinch Audio Recorder is now ready to record when you click on “start recording” seen on the right side of your screen.

Step 3: Click on the “play” button of the selected music you want to record from Napster app. The audio recorder will automatically run when you start playing the music.

napster music

Step 4: Continue the recording process until you finish all the selected tracks. Cinch Audio Recorder will display all recordings including short or unfinished ones.

Step 5: Click on the “stop” button for each track or after completing the whole list. If you want to record the same track, repeat the whole process from step 2.

Step 6: Review the recording list by clicking the “folder” icon found at the bottom of your screen.

Step 7: Move all the recordings to your output folder. All recorded tracks are automatically saved in your storage device.

Additional Features

Once the recording is done, you can check the audio quality by clicking the “play” button. If you are not happy with the results, remove the file by pressing right-click and click the “remove” option. Track information can be modified manually using the “ID3 Editor” button. From there, you can edit the specific fields of the track details that you think are incorrect.

Your Napster collection follows you wherever you go whether you’re driving around the city or riding the commuter train. However, it’s better to keep your own playlists by recording your original tracks using Cinch Audio Recorder.

There is a piece of software program called Allavsoft. You could download music from Napster. All you need to do is copy and paste a Napster playlist URL into the software and click “Start” button, you will get all music saved on your computer.

Get Allavsoft here:

Download Windows version   Download MAC version

What is the Allavsoft downloader? 

It can batch download music from Spotify, YouTube, Deezer, Tidal, Soundcloud, etc.

How to download Spotify music with the Allavsoft downloader?

Well, it’s pretty simple. With only 2 steps, you can download your favorite Napster playlist to MP3 (320kbps) with ID3 Tags (title, artist, and album).

Step 1: Copy and paste a Napsterplaylist link to the search bar.

Step 2: Click the blue round download button to start downloading music from the Spotify link.


That’s it. Allavsoft will start to download the whole Napster playlist to MP3 files on your computer.