How to Record Music from Tunein in MP3 Format?

Tunein is one of the sites to listen to online radio but it’s not limited to that only.

The site allows you to listen to trendy radio stations even exclusive music from specific and various artists. If you like to listen to sports, news, and talk from various categories then Tunein has it all. Unlike other radio stations which are limited to music only.

A unique thing about this site is it has audiobooks to listen from different categories, even listen to music or radio from 8 different locations and different languages.

How to Record Music from Tunein in MP3 Format?

So how do you think you can download this music and audio?

A certain software is needed to record which is the best way to download them.

Since there are a lot of software to choose but you don’t need a complex one to get the songs you like.

The only software you need is Cinch Audio Recorder.

If you have already a software installed, try to look and read below to compare.

Cinch Audio Recorder

An easy software in recording music or audio at any music streaming site, online radio, audiobooks and others.

What you need to be familiar are;

  • The recording button which is the yellow round button on the upper left;
  • Cinch Audio Recorder playlist menu which is located at the center
  • Media controls (backward, play, forward ) buttons

See for yourself below.

To record, launch Cinch Audio Recorder.

Open in your browser Tunein and play the music you like, favorite station, and podcast if you like.

Once done on a single audio or song, just click the same button to stop recording.

If however, you’re recording a playlist or a timeframe from a radio station then you should know that it will be saved as a single file. To separate it, you need to change the “automatic splitting of the song as random.”

To record high-quality audio from Tunein, visit the 320 kb Plus to record higher bitrate.

MP3 Output Format

Every song you record are saved as MP3.

If you want to save it as lossless WAV, go to settings and check the box of .WAV. By saving it as a WAV file the file size will be larger up to 50MB.

What you need to know

When you need to remove a song from the playlist menu then be sure not to delete it. Some people tend to be mistaken from deleting it from removing it. If you want to remove a song from the playlist then transfer the song to another folder.

Having a licensed software will get you limitless recordings. Unlike a free trial, it’s only limited to 5 recordings.

The tags are automatically captured when after recording. It will not capture all the songs on all songs but among all the software that I tried, it’s the one with the most success.

Cinch does not need any additional file or virtual sound card for it to work.

So, how was it so far?

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