How to Record Music from Slacker Radio Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Slacker Radio is an online music streaming platform that was founded in the Year 2007 by Dennis Mudd, who is really familiar of the industry because he was the former CEO of Music Match, later known as Yahoo! Music.   It is available in the worldwide web, and its app can be downloaded for mobile, home and automobile devices such as iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Blackberry, Sony Internet TV, Roku, Blu-Ray player, Xbox and many others.

You can easily get an account for free, but it is heavily advertisement-supported as 30-second to 60-second ads interrupt every four to five songs.   You can get away with ads by paying for a subscription that comes in two packages: Slacker Radio Plus and Slacker Radio Premium.  Both offer the same features such as no advertisements or banners, unlimited skips, and song requests, and provides full lyrics.  The only difference is that the Premium one allows you to create playlists.

Create Stations that Revolve Around Music You Love

You can also build bespoke stations that revolve around certain genres, artists or songs.  So, it is really very easy to find anything that you want to listen at a time.  Slacker Radio also recommends songs that you can include in your station.  You can freely edit the cover image, cover title and descriptions of your own stations. You can also view other stations for the same artists or genre that you are listening to.

slacker radio music

It also keeps a record of your played songs so that you can easily find them in case you want to listen again. It also automatically opens the last station played when you sign in or turn on your Slacker Radio again. It is generally the same as the other music streaming service but has more simplified features and interface.

Being really available and accessible anywhere, as it can be installed on almost all devices, Slacker Radio is within reach when you need a run on your favorite music.  As long as internet connection is good, then you can enjoy it as long as you want.  But, what if you are in a long country drive and you pass by places where the connection is slow?

Would you be able to enjoy your drive with music streaming suddenly come to a stop? A drive can be very boring without your favorite songs.

Or, what if your home internet connection is simply down?  You won’t be able to enjoy your favorite stations on your home electronic devices. All you have to do is to wait until it resumes.

Download Cinch Audio Recorder: Click Here

Or, what if you just want to enjoy the songs for free without the advertisement intermissions?  This can be possible if you will record your songs in an MP3 format.  You don’t have to rely on the internet connection as well.

How to Record Music from Slacker Radio Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Steps to Recording at Slacker Using Cinch Audio Recorder

All you have to do is to install Cinch Audio Recorder on your computer which is really very easy as long as you follow the instruction.  Once you have it, you can record any songs you like in easy, hassle-free steps.

Launch your Cinch Audio Recorder while opening your favorite Slacker Radio station.  Click on the record button when you start recording and click it again when you want to end the recording.  Don’t worry about clicking it over and over again when you are recording a stream of songs with advertisements in between.  Just continue recording until the end of the stream.

Cinch automatically separates songs and remove advertisements which are a very good feature.

All your songs are recorded in an MP3 format which you can easily save on all your devices.

Saved output

Now, you can enjoy all the music you want, without advertisements, in just a matter of clicks away! No internet connection is needed.

How cool is that?