How to Record Music from Slacker in MP3 Format?

An online radio which lets you stream for free and is geared to your fascination in music. All the songs, artists, similar music you may like can be gathered in one place by creating a custom station. There are also stations available which you can add later on to your favorites which are already present. Listening for free on slacker may annoy you of their ads and limited functions which is why it is good to subscribe on their paid subscription to acquire more of what they can offer.


You may find not having the option to choose or play the song you like right away and pay more to acquire more features which may cost you $10 for subscribing to premium. Slacker is most likely the same with other music streaming sites in regards with price, function and the ability to listen to your music you like offline using your data. For these reasons alone, where the thought of downloading it in MP3 format arises. Downloading is possible only for offline uses, so the right way to do it is by recording which you will know later on how to do it.

First Download Cinch Audio Recorder then install.


How to Record Music from Slacker in MP3 Format?

Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder. Click the circular button to “start recording” which is located at the top right.

A short reminder for limitless recording is you need to register to get lifetime updates. Its interface is never to worry about since it’s plain and easy to figure out which is why it’s the most preferred software to use.

Step 2: Play your favorite music at Slacker.

slacker image

Option: Before you play music on slacker make sure the audio bitrate is turned to maximum of 320kbps to get more lossless quality instead the normal audio quality of 128kbps. If i may suggest to make it easier on your part, on your custom station just click the play button while Cinch is recording.

The tags artist, title and album are automatically placed after each recording. It will show up after a few seconds on your Cinch playlist menu for you to play later on.

Step 3:  You can even playing a playlist, just click the “Stop recording” button on Cinch until all of the songs are recorded. Cinch has a good feature which splits music automatically between songs and able to get high quality audio even either turning the audio on or off because of its CAC technology.

stop recording

In rare cases you might find a track with no tags, you can manually edit it at the “Edit ID3” icon.

All the recorded Slacker songs you save are in a default folder as mp3 format which you can later on edit or transfer in a folder of your choosing.

ID3 Editor

Cinch Audio recorder is the most recommended audio recorder amongst the others. It does not need any extensions or additional software that others may need. If you compare its features when it comes to tagging, Cinch is the closest ever that has an accuracy of almost 100%.