How to Record Music from Radiotunes in MP3 format?

Radiotunes offers free online music streaming for free of its 90 plus channels but with ads. If you want to listen without interruption and without ads, one must avail their premium subscription.

Radio Tunes

Although the price is very tempting and affordable, still most people prefer to listen to it anytime using their device. Having the need to subscribe and a necessity of Wi-FI or data can be frustrating to some other countries. Not all countries have a strong internet connection, that’s why a lot opt for downloading music.

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Can you download music from Radiotunes?

No, but you can record its music by using a software.

A lot of software is available to use but for this case, we don’t need a complex audio recorder with lots of advanced features.

What’s necessary is:

  • Record it and save it as MP3 with bitrate of 320 kbp/s
  • Easy to use and automatically captures tags such as Title, Artist, Album
  • High-quality audio

How to Record Music from Radiotunes in MP3 Format?

Steps to Record Music from Radiotunes

  1. Install after downloading Cinch Audio Recorder.

  1. On the upper left, click the round button to start recording.
  2. On your browser, open Radiotunes and select which channels you like to record. Over 90 plus channels are available to choose.
  3. There are two ways to record a song, either recording individually or multiple songs. For the individual song, click stop recording after each song.

For multiple songs, click stop recording only after you recorded all the songs you want. You need to know though that by doing this either two results will happen, either it will be recorded as a single file or separately.

For a single file, you need to manually edit the tags.

As to record them automatically separately, change the setting of “automatically split to XXX milliseconds to random.” 

More Clarity on Cinch Audio Recorder


The ID3 tagging feature will automatically capture the tags after recording each song. You may notice that some local song may not completely be captured but Cinch Audio Recorder is the software that has the nearest success to almost 100% when getting tags.

Quality of Audio

The quality of audio recorded will depend on the bitrate of the song played and the output recorded will depend on the settings on your computer. If you notice it’s not the same as the original is due to your computer’s setting and not Cinch Audio Recorder.

Ringtone and its Other Uses

You can make a ringtone out of the songs you recorded. Just select the musical note at the end of each track. The song edited can be used as ringtone or as background music.

Difference between Delete and Remove

When you right-click and select the track and click remove, it will permanently delete the track. If transfer the track to another folder, it will remove the track from Cinch playlist menu.

Cinch offers basic functions at the same time powerful features.

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