How to Record Music from in MP3 Format?

The word radio has really taken a step up over the years. No longer the old radio that we put just anywhere near us finding the right angle to get a signal. Hearing the word radio nowadays will mostly mean online radio.

Online radio such as has available 30, 000 stations worldwide. So if you got a favorite station in mind from other places then this site is for you. They have also 70 plus Genres to select from and topics available that you may like. can only be streamed online and shared with your friends. To download, you need a software for it.

Record Music From using Cinch Audio Recorder

A very direct software which people find it easy to use. There are no advanced features that may confuse you but the important elements needed for an audio recorder is already included in its basic function.

Basic Features

Automatically Save Recorded Music as MP3

After you record, the song is automatically saved as an MP3 audio format. The audio is of high-quality if you choose the bitrate of 320 kbp/s. Although, there is another option for selecting a bitrate which is 128 kbp/s which is not recommendable.

ID3 Tagging Features

When you start recording up to finish, the tags are captured automatically. You won’t be hassling yourself manually tagging each track. Cinch has achieved almost 100% when it comes to capturing tags. Unlike other software, rarely you will find yourself editing tags. Tags automatically captured are the title, artist, and album. For the cover image, you can manually add it if you want to organize the songs by album.


As you can see at the end of each track, there is a musical note icon to edit the song as a ringtone. Once you click the musical note or ringtone icon, just drag the yellow bar from right or left. You can input the specific time which time to cut and end. If you want to check it out before saving, click the Preview button.

Other Features to Take Note

Save Music as Lossless WAV

Having a lossless quality may have its advantages but saving it as this audio format may have increased file size up to 50MB per 5-minute song. Just go to setting and check the box to save it as WAV file.

Editing Ringtone

It has other uses, like cutting out a voice recording file or any recording besides music.

How to Record?

  1. Click Start Recording
  2. Visit using your browser and play any channel or radio station
  3. Click stop recording once done recording

That’s it, be sure to set the setting to random when recording multiple tracks to separate them automatically. Although this may not be perfect yet Cinch is trying to make it perfect. When it’s saved as a single file, you need to edit the tags manually.

So, are you ready now to download songs from your favorite station?

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