How to Record Music from Pandora in MP3 Format?

Among the many list of music streaming sites or internet radio on the web, Pandora is one of them. When it comes to location availability, it’s only few which most music fanatic would consider when choosing a music streaming site. It can only be streamed at locations which are Australia, New Zealand, and U.S. People just love listening at Pandora to uncover new music, artist and distribute unique music listening experience within your reach due to the availability of internet.


A most common concern you may hear from most people is downloading the track they like but since it’s not available due to copyright reasons then what they usually do is look for ways how to get by it. Recording is the only possible way for you to download your tracks and save it as MP3 for it to be played by most devices. It is an another option for you to get your music maintaining its quality.

Recording music is very easy, what you need first is an audio recorder that can provide your needs like able to record lossless quality, save it as MP3, retrieve the tags of each song and user friendly interface. The requirement mentioned can be accomplished by a best audio recorder which is Cinch Audio Recorder.

Download Cinch Audio Recorder and install.


Steps to Record Music from Pandora in MP3 Format using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder and register for recording music with no limits. Click the yellow circular button to start recording.

Just a quick reminder that if you haven’t register your Cinch Audio Recorder yet, you are only limited to a few recordings.

Step 2: Play your favorite music at Pandora


Just click the play button while Cinch is recording it. You can either turn on or mute your audio on your computer since Cinch uses CAC technology that records the core audio to have high quality music.

The recorded music are saved as lossless WAV then converts to MP3 audio format automatically.

Step 3: If you’re playing only one track, you can click the “Stop recording” button on Cinch.

When you’re playing a playlist, you can just leave it until all of the songs are recorded. Cinch has a good feature which splits music automatically between songs. Just wait for 8-15 seconds for the recorded song to appear on Cinch playlist menu.

Option: You can check the tags at the playlist menu if it’s correct. Seldom when it happens when you need to edit it manually since Cinch has near 100% accuracy when it comes to its ID3 tagging features.


Organizing the tracks happens automatically after recording which all of the track locations are in a specific folder for you to check and manage to affirm.

Cinch is very easy to use since its functions are plainly simple for easy understanding. Saving all MP3 recordings to a microSD or a storage device is now possible for listening anytime and anywhere you want without the need of data usage.