How to Record Music from Jango Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Jango is a New York based online music streaming service that was launched by Daniel Kaufmann and Chris Dowhan in November 2007.  There is no need to sign up or create an account to use Jango but doing so will give you some benefits. It allows you to create a station based on your favorite artist or song, more like a playlist for other applications.  You have the option to connect your account to your Facebook profile so you can freely share the songs you like. You can also share your favorite songs or stations on Twitter.   You can listen to Jango through its website and through your Android and iOS devices.

Jango is Free with No Subscriptions

It is entirely a free service so, expectedly, you will receive some ads but more limited than its competition. For instance, it just allows one video or audio per day.  This is very appealing to the users but a turn-off for advertisers. There is no premium account available to avoid the ads, to the dismay of other users who want a completely ads-free account.  Budding artists can also showcase their work for an affordable fee of only $30.00 which guarantees 1,000 plays.

Just by searching your favorite artist, Jango will randomly play songs from that artist or from the artists with the same genre.  Once the song is played, it will show some information, the name of the album and even the artist/band’s latest tweet, if they have.  You can choose to increase or decrease song frequency by rating them by simply clicking on thumbs up or thumbs down.  You can also view who are listening to the songs that are currently playing and view their comments. You can add them as friends, see their profiles in Jango, and view their list of favorite songs.

Another interesting feature is that it keeps a list of the recent stations that you visited.  You can just browse through the “recent station” tabs and choose which station you want to listen to again. It also lists your favorite songs so you can play them again and again anytime you want. Unfortunately, you can only listen to the songs online.  You might want the option of saving it in your personal computer or in any of your mobile devices. Internet streaming can be unstable in some areas, and access to good music streaming can be very challenging.

Clinch Audio Recorder is a flexible and useful tool that records high-quality music into MP3 files in simple steps.  Whatever the music streaming app or website that you are using, you can immediately record the audio with fewer hassles.

How to Record Music from Jango Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Open your Jango account and listen to your favorite song or station.

Jango site

Launch your Cinch Audio Recorder.

Click on the record button seen at the topmost left of your Cinch screen to begin recording & click it again to stop recording.

stop recording

It will save the file automatically in MP3 version, which is compatible with almost all audio players available.  If you are seriously crazy about the song, you can also make it as your mobile ringtone.

Right click on the song and select “create a ringtone.”  An overlay then pops-up and allows you to choose which part of the song that you want to save as ringtone.


There you go! Save it to your device and set it as your ringtone.

Jango is one of the best music streaming services for music lovers.  In addition to enjoying your music, it allows you to connect to people with the same interest as yours.  With Cinch Audio Recorder, you can enjoy your music even more anytime and anywhere without worrying about the internet connection.  Have a great music day!