How to Record Music from iHeartradio in MP3 Format ?

There are a lot of online radio stations but if you love the music played at iHeartradio then read further below.

Are you looking for ways how to download music at iHeartradio? 

A software perhaps that can download MP3 and play on any device?

If this is what you’re looking for then you’re on the right post.

How to Record Music from iHeartradio in MP3 Format?

iHeartradio has a lot of selections to choose from whether by Genre, Artist, and Live radio. To download the music you like, you need Cinch Audio Recorder. 

Cinch Audio Recorder 

Cinch is considered the best among audio recorder.

It’s labeled the best by satisfied customers 

  • “Excellent inexpensive software for recording streaming audio. Highly recommended!” by Kim Smith
  • “I’ve been looking for a program like this for a very long time! It’s just what I needed and it works great!!!” by John Williams
  • “Record streaming audio from web-based radio stations and audio sources completely with the original quality.” by Liz James

It doesn’t need any supporting files or even a virtual sound card. The functions are basic and direct. 

Visit the site Mp3itnow and download Cinch Audio Recorder whether for Windows or Mac. 

If you’re using Windows 10 and the Smartscreen pops up, just click Runaway button.

Launch Cinch Audio Recorder.

Look at the image below.

This is what it would look like when you have recorded some songs.

start recording


Things to know from the Above Interface

Recording Button

 It’s the round yellow button on the upper left. It’s hard to miss.

The same button is used to stop the recording

Cinch Playlist Menu

This is where the music recorded show as you can see the image above. 

Control Button

The bottom controls where you can find the backward, play, and forward button. 

How to record at iHeartradio using Cinch Audio Recorder? 

  1. Launch the Cinch Audio Recorder and click start recording.
  2. Open iHeartradio on any browser you’re comfortable with
  3. Play music whether from artist, live radio, Genre, and from your playlist
  4. Once the music is done, click stop recording.

This step is for recording a single music.

If you’re recording a playlist or a bunch of songs, this is what you need to know first.

When downloading a playlist the downloaded file will be a single file. So all the songs are saved into a single file unless you split the music automatically at random at settings. When it comes to tags, you need to add it manually like “My Personal Playlist 01”. 

RIngtone and Audio Speech

Creating your own personal ringtone is possible. Just record the song you like and click the music button located at the right side of a song when you look at Cinch Audio Recorder playlist.

If you’re making a report or want to add a recorded voice, just click start recording your voice using a microphone.

If you have questions of between Cinch Audio Recorder and iHeartradio, leave a comment.

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