How to Record Music From Hitsradio in MP3 Format?

Hitsradio is another free online radio station that is operated by few group of enthusiast.


A familiar music brought you to Hitsradio?

Hitsradio is the only internet radio that plays “Hits” only on every station.  Saving your favorites on your channel is the same as saving it as your playlist.

Just create an account and create your channel.

This option is not enough to most people and the option to download is still the desired option.

Cinch Audio Recorder and Hitsradio

Cinch Audio Recorder is able to record music from Hitsradio and automatically save it as MP3 on your computer. Even if it’s a copyrighted song, it can record the song with the same quality as the original. The tags are automatically captured every each recording. Among the rampant audio recorders released, Cinch has proven its ID3 tagging capability near as perfect.

In doubt?

Try to compare it with other audio recorders.

How to Record Hits Music from Hitsradio?

Download Cinch Audio Recorder and install afterward.

“The software is free to download and it’s on a free trial.”

The free trial is only up to five recordings which are for you to test it out first. If you like it, buy a lifetime license for multiple recordings.

Start Record Button

The round yellow button located on the top left of the software. A button which can’t be missed.

Play Music on Hitsradio

You can either play a single song and station or play music saved in your channel. Wait for the song or channel to finish playing.

Stop Recording

Every single song, try to click stop recording. You don’t need to worry about the tags, just wait for a few seconds then the tags such as title, artist, and album are captured.

For a channel or multiple songs, the file saved will be one only unless you change the setting “automatic splitting of song” to random. Remember this that it won’t be perfect as much as we want it to be more 100% accurate and perfect but it will be near perfect. Probably in the upcoming updates, it will improve more.

Other Things You Need to Know

Lossless WAV

You can save a song as WAV file format, just go to settings and choose lossless WAV. Remember though that by doing this the file size is much larger compared to the MP3 saved.


If you’re into saving music as a ringtone then just click the musical note at the right side of a track. The two yellow bar is the indicator which you can just drag from left to right or vice versa.

Deleting vs Removing a song

This might be confusing to some but if you right-click a track and choose delete, it will permanently delete a track. To remove just copy the track and transfer to another folder specified.


Recording a channel or multiple songs that will eventually be saved as a single file, there’s a need to manually edit the tags.

What do you think so far about Cinch Audio Recorder?

Is it easy to use and very basic?

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