How to Record Music from Google Play Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Launched in the Year 2011, Google Play music was made available to online music enthusiasts after an invitation-only beta trial period.  It is available to stream podcasts and music online.  It uses the concept of an online music locker that can store up to 50,000 music for free.  You will have to pay when you want to store more.  But, for an average music lover, this number is more than enough for you to enjoy your favorite music in any genre. Podcasts streaming is also available for a Google Play standard account. Its paid subscription gives you access to 40 million songs without advertisement interruptions and with unlimited skips.  A 30-day trial for new users is offered to give them a feel for Google Play Music.

It is available in only 63 countries, few of which are, United States, Canada, Switzerland, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Finland, and Brazil.  And, just recently launched in India in the Year 2017.   Users in India, the United States, and Canada can listen to curated radio stations which they can search based on activity or mood.  Examples of which, but not restricted to, are exercise, walking, angry, calm, or happy.

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You can access Google Play Music via the website and mobile devices. It is available both in iOS and Android phones.  Your account can be used up to five (5) smartphone devices but listening is only limited to one (1) device at a time.

You can also upload music by using Music Manager which is available for Mac, PC, and Linux.  You can make your own playlists and start your own radio station.  This is, however, available only in the United States. Hopefully, this feature will be made available in other countries so users from these areas can enjoy the flexibility of bespoke playlists and the fun of internet radio broadcasting as well.

However, you don’t get to enjoy your favorite songs or podcast shows with Google Play music given these scenarios:

  • Because this is an online music and podcast streaming service, you are reliant of the speed of the internet connection in the area so that you can get a good reception of the music you want to listen.
  • You don’t get to enjoy it if the internet connection is quite a challenge. Or, you don’t have access to your account if you happen to travel to a country where Google Play Music isn’t available. Or,
  • you simply just want to re-play a topic over podcast shows to get a good grasp of the information being discussed.

How to Record Music from Google Play Using Cinch Audio Recorder?

The solution to the above is to record your favorite music or podcast by using Cinch Audio Recorder which you can use in simple, easy steps without the hassle of setting up elaborate recording equipment.   It records just any audio that you want to store on your computer or mobile devices.  Just install this tool on your computer, and you are ready to record.

Launch your Cinch Audio Recorder while logging into your Google Play Music account.

Choose the station that you would like to record, or the start streaming the song you like or your favorite podcast.  Click the record button found at the top leftmost part of its interface to begin recording and click it again to stop the recording.  Your audio will automatically be saved in an MP3 version which you can practically save and play from any device.

You don’t need to manually start and stop recording after every song if you are recording from a playlist.  Just simply record through until the end of the playlist.  Cinch will automatically save the songs separately.  It also automatically removes any advertisements between songs.

stop recording

Now, you can hear your favorite songs and podcasts anytime and anywhere without the bothersome advertisements and without being reliant on internet connection. Check out this guide to record music from Google Play using Cinch Audio Recorder and share in your experience by commenting.