How to Record Music from AccuRadio in MP3 Format?

AccuRadio is free when you want to listen to online radio by streaming. If you encounter a song you’re not familiar with, the problem is you won’t be able to download it. Although, you will experience this since unknown artist submits songs also.

So, how to download music from AccuRadio in MP3 format?

The only way to capture the songs you like is to use a software for recording music but which software to use out of countless numbers of software available?

Cinch Audio Recorder is the best to use when recording.


Check out below.

Why Cinch Audio Recorder


The software is easy to use, check out how it looks below.

Cinch Audio Recorder

This is how it looks like when you’re recording songs.

The upper left round button is the recording button.

At the center is the Cinch Audio Recorder playlist menu.

At the bottom is pretty much understandable.

How to Record?

To start with, download Cinch Audio Recorder and install.

Launch the software (Cinch) when you’re done.

  • Click start recording by clicking the yellow button
  • Open Accuradio using any browser you have available
  • Play any music or play your favorite music. If your waiting for a radio station to play a certain music then click the start record button.
  • Wait for the single music to be done and click stop recording.

When recording a playlist or multiple audio or music. Just start recording then click to stop when you’re done. If the songs you like be played in a certain time frame, then you can start at the beginning and end it on an hour it supposes to end.

Available Features Available

Record the Music as MP3

Even if the song played on a different bitrate or any audio format, it will be saved as MP3 with a bitrate of 320 kbps/s.

Save as Lossless WAV

In the settings, you have the option to save it as lossless WAV. A reminder though that upon doing this, the file size of the audio saved will be larger than usual. The file size can be saved up to 50MB per audio.

Save it as a Ringtone

When saving a music or the audio you need for a particular reason then edit it as shown below.

Saw that yellow bar?

Just drag it, from left to right or the portion you want to cut.

To check if you got it right is to click preview. Once finalized, click save.

Things you Might Wonder

If you want to know if the recorded audio is the same, is yes.

Be sure to check the settings on the computer since it will contribute to the output.

If the played song is on a bitrate below 320 kbp/s then the bitrate recorded will still be the same.


Cinch has basic features but even though basic but its effective or efficient compared to other software. There aren’t any ads seen and the license is a lifetime.

Do you have some songs you want to record?

Tell us and share.