How to Record from Magnatune in MP3 Format?

Magnatune is one of the music streaming sites which is similar to Soundcloud and MySpace in terms of listening to unknown or independent artist. Unlike other music streaming sites Magnatune has no monthly subscription but has a one time payment of $299 which you can have unlimited downloads, ads free, streaming the music you want, able to share with your friends up to 3 times only and able to download in a specified audio format whether MP3. OGG and Opus format.


How to Record from Magnatune in MP3 Format?

There are two options where you can get music on Magnatune.

First: You can go to their website and record any song and just delete the tracks you don’t like for you to save money.

Second: If you already paid the $299 you can record it to have no limitations when it comes to sharing and playing any device.

To record, you need an audio recorder which can get lossless quality which Magnatune offer also.

First Download Cinch Audio Recorder (Windows / Mac) then install.

Steps to Record from Magnatune Using Cinch Audio Recorder

Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder.

Cinch Audio Recorder

Click the round button to “start recording” which is located at the top left.

By the way if you’re planning to record multiple tracks or playlist you need to register your Cinch Audio Recorder Software. After you click start recording just leave it until all of your tracks are done.

Step 2: Play your favorite music at Magnatune.


You can play music directly by clicking the album you like on the popular tab. Just click the icon to play it automatically, when you click it again it will skip to another song but you can’t choose the song that you may like. You need to register and pay a one time $299 for one time payment only for unlimited streaming with no ads and able to choose the music you like.

Unlike other audio recorders Cinch does not need any virtual sound card to be able to record nor extensions for getting the tracks you love.

Step 3: If your playing only one track, you can click the “Stop recording” button on Cinch.

stop recording

If you’re playing your playlist then just leave it until it’s done. It will automatically split the songs you recorded. If you didn’t register just record any song by by clicking the icons and just delete any track you don’t like.

Step 4: To check for the songs you saved just click the folder which is located at the bottom right to view. You can access if there is any track you want to delete.

ID3 Editor

If there is any track that has no tags you can just manually edit by clicking the “Edit ID3” icon. Editing tags rarely happens since Cinch has the highest percentage when it comes to accuracy getting the tags.


Cinch Audio recorder is the most recommended audio recorder amongst the others. It does not need any extensions or additional software that others may need. You can either turn on or mute your audio since Cinch will record the core audio to get the high quality music. Cinch is the only audio recorder which have almost 100% tagging accuracy. You rarely edit tags and can add a a cover photo to organize more your playlist.