How to Record from Live365 in MP3 Format?

Live365 is another online radio station and listen to independent artist and share globally by making your own playlist or radio station. They have diverse lists of genre for listeners to choose from. By making your own radio station you can share it on social media and earn from listeners and viewers through CPM (cost per thousand).


For downloading purposes and never lose great music from independent artist, then recording is the best way to do it.

Learning how to do it will be shown step by step below.

First Download Cinch Audio Recorder (Windows / Mac) then install.

Steps to Record Using Cinch Audio Recorder

Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder.

start recording

On the top left click “start recording” which you can see as the round yellow button.

In recording multiple songs you must register Cinch to have unlimited recordings and get all the features needed.

Step 2: Play your favorite music at Live365 with other station created by other users or your own music.


You need to know that it may not be available internationally, you may need a browser which changes IP addresses like HOLA or you could use VPN or VPS to be able to listen and record at the same time. Step 3: When playing a single track, at the end of each song you can click the “Stop recording” button on Cinch.

stop recording

When recording multiple songs, you don’t have to worry since it will automatically splits songs and tags it by inputting artist, title, and album. It’s a very convenient feature like other audio recorders but Cinch is the only one that has an accuracy above all audio recorders. Seldom may you find tags that needs editing.

Step 4: All the songs recorded from Live365 are stored on a default folder which is shown below. You can change it anytime if you prefer a specific location to organize the tracks.

ID3 Editor

As you can see below you can have the option to add a cover photo if you’re organizing an album from an independent artist.


Just click change and add the cover photo.

Cinch is the most preferred audio recorder compared to its rivals due to its simplicity and efficiency. Even though sometimes it does need an appealing software to use from which Cinch lacks on that aspect but at the end what’s important is its efficiency to record all the tracks. We don’t want an eye catching audio recorder software which may not be able to do its job. The good thing about Cinch is it doesn’t need an additional software, extension or virtual sound card to work. Just launch, record, stop record and that it.

The quality of audio that Cinch can provide is lossless quality then be converted automatically to MP3 for compatibility purposes on any device. Cinch offers an affordable one time payment of $25 for lifetime updates which as you may know with other audio recorders can’t beat. If you’re looking for an audio recorder to use for Live365 then you know Cinch is the best.