How to Record Last.Fm to MP3 Audio File?

Last.FM is the biggest music service sharing community where you can listen to the radio of an artist you like, that was then but now listening to the music that it recommends due to its famous feature “scrobbler” is not very popular where today most people get to select the music they really love. For a music that you endorse to a friend it will be endorsed to other people as well. Tracks on Last.FM are copyrighted music where it does not have an option for you to just download. The best way to get your music on Last.FM is to record and save Last.FM music as MP3 and take it wherever you go..

How to Record Last.Fm to MP3 Audio File?

  1. Download and install Cinch Audio Recorder

Just follow the steps on how to record music on Last.FM to save it as MP3 on your devices such as PC, laptops, tablets, smartphones (Android and iOS).

Cinch Audio Recorder software is free and registration is needed for no recording limits. You don’t need to set the audio format at the settings since it will be converted right away to MP3 with 320kbps bitrate. The recorded tracks will remain its quality and save it as lossless WAV.

  1. Launch Cinch Audio Recorder and click “Start Recording

start recording

It’s easily located at the upper left corner identifiable as a round shape button.

  1. Visit Last.FM website and login if you’re already an existing user.


Play music at Last.FM which you would like to record. Another way to play your music using scrobbling is through downloading their Last.FM desktop app.

download lastfm

The tracks will be automatically saved on a default location unless you make necessary changes and save it on your desired folder location. The good thing on the recording process is there are no ads shown.

  1. Click “Stop recording” when it’s done. Wait for a few seconds for it to show on Cinch Audio Recorder Playlist menu. The tags like artist, title and album are already done after each recording. Comparing it to other audio recorders, the tags are more accurate. Seldom will it happen that you may encounter editing the tags. Recording multiple tracks is possible on this software if you play a playlist.


Cinch is very easy to use since it’s straightforward. You don’t need more understanding on the software for you to understand how it works. There is no additional extensions, software or a sound card for you to record the tracks. Once you finish recording a track, that’s it. More features from Cinch are editing tracks as ringtone, can record even if you mute the sound since it will use the core audio for amazing audio quality.

The best audio recorder for high quality music. Records music streaming sites like Last.FM. Cinch empowers user’s convenience and lossless quality. For unlimited recordings and lifetime updates, grab yours now!

People nowadays need Cinch as it provides what people wants. This is the best software in regards with feature, function and price.