How to Record Grooveshark Music to MP3 Format?

A few years back Grooveshark was one of the source for downloading music, streaming, and has a search feature to find songs which you love including copyrighted tracks.


Although Shark made a backup for Grooveshark’s music almost 100% but it was only good for a few months before it was down due to the same issue.

Even if,io is down you can still stream Grooveshark music from other streaming sites and other websites that lets you stream Grooveshark’s music. Since there are few sites like,, Last.FM and more, changing sites from time to time can be a hassle just to listen to your Grooveshark’s music.

Recording your favorite tracks is the best way to get your music especially copyrighted ones. When it comes to recording, the important thing you need to consider is an audio recorder that can record lossless quality and be able to convert it as mp3 which is the most common audio format retaining the high audio quality sound.

There are lots of audio recorder if you browse on the net and the one that i can recommend is Cinch Audio Recorder.

Cinch Audio Recorder is the best tool when it comes to recording Grooveshark’s music as Lossless WAV then be converted to MP3.


How to Record Grooveshark Music to MP3 Format?

Recording using Cinch is easy with their direct user interface, you will never have the difficulty of figuring out how to use it..

Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder from your computer

Cinch Audio Recorder

Step 2: When it’s launched, Visit to record your favorite tracks.

grooveshark site

A pop up box will then show for you to create an account if you’re a new user or login for existing users.

grooveshark dashboard

Step 3: Enter a name of song, title or artist that you want to hear which can be located at the center like what is shown on the image above.

Step 4: Before playing the track, Go to Cinch Audio Recorder and click “Start Recording

start recording

You can easily locate the button which is located at the upper left side with a circular shape button.

Step 5: Play the track you have searched at Grooveshark

grooveshark playback

After you have entered the song, choose the song and artist you’re looking for. As an example above “The Chainsmokers Closer

record music grooveshark

While it’s playing your tracks, Cinch is also recording it.

Step 6: Click “Stop Recording” the same button you clicked for start recording.

Step 7: Wait for a few minutes for the tracks to be displayed on Cinch Playlist menu about 8-15 seconds.

music download check

You don’t have to worry in regards with tags since Cinch has an automatic ID3 tag features which automatically inputs artists, titles, and albums. The accuracy of its tagging feature is near 100% which is far more better than the other recorders.

You can check the folder where it’s been saved check out the format which is MP3.

output format

Saved output

Just click the folder icon located at the bottom right side to check out the tracks you recorded and saved. For unlimited recordings, just register Cinch Audio Recorder by going to settings.