How to Record AOL Music using Cinch Audio Recorder?

AOL Music is an interactive AOL website that allows users to watch online music videos for free. It features thousands of music videos of the best-performing celebrities plus interesting details of the featured artists and currently-released albums. AOL Music also provides easy access to live concert footage and on-the-spot celebrity interviews on a limited time. With a huge list of online videos here, you’re likely to find your favorite stars performing the most wanted hits today.

Music lovers can easily view these streaming videos on a three by three-inch display screens using the updated version of Adobe Flash Player and other video plug-ins. An HTML code is provided so you can easily embed the videos and share them on various social media platforms. Working with other music streaming sites, you can also watch the videos in a full-screen mode. Unfortunately, streaming videos from AOL Music can’t be downloaded, so you need an effective audio recorder to get them.

Introducing the power of Cinch Audio Recorder

Definitely, you don’t want to miss many episodes of your favorite videos, so you need to record and store them directly on your local storage device. The newest Cinch Audio Recorder has the best capacity to create high-quality audio recording from different music streaming platforms like AOL Music.

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This recording software supports more than 500 music streaming sites, giving you the chance to enjoy full audio quality accessed on any portable device. Utilize the exciting features of Cinch Audio Recorder by following these simple steps:

How to Record AOL Music using Cinch Audio Recorder?

Step 1: Install Cinch Audio Recorder to your desktop. Make sure to download the appropriate version in accordance with your operating system.

Download Cinch Audio Recorder: Click Here

Step 2: Launch the software and wait for few seconds.

Step 3: On the top left of your monitor, click on the “Start” button. Cinch Audio Recorder is now ready to capture any music video.

Step 4: Play the specific music video you have selected from AOL Music. Cinch Audio Recorder will automatically start recording the streaming video.

Step 5: Once the recording is finished, you can click on “stop” button to end the process.

Saved output

There you go, you have successfully created your own copy of your favorite music video. You can check it out on your computer by clicking the “folder” found on the lower part of the screen. Before the actual recording, you can setup your preferred video quality, file format and designated folder to where these files will be stored. Make sure that you have closed all running applications as these may affect the quality of the recording, or some sounds can be captured during recording.

Cinch Audio Recorder will capture all important details of your music video such as music title, album release date, album cover details and video credits. Now if you wish to modify some details of your recorded video, you can edit the ID3 tags by clicking the “ID3 Tag Editor” button located at the right portion of the screen.

AOL Music becomes a great source of fresh news and music videos about your popular artists as well as upcoming concert events. It becomes even more exciting to play their music hits straight from your devices anytime using Cinch Audio Recorder.