We at mp3itnow.com completely respect your privacy and always strive to protect it. Data that gets collected in our website is just to enhance user experience and is not shared with anyone at any point of time. MP3itnow.com will never share or sell your information.

Data We Collect

We do collect some of the basic information about our users which are only for internal purpose and are never shared. Listed below are some of the data that we collect along with their prime purpose:-

Email Address

Digital Product that you purchase are ideally sent to your valid email address; which can be downloaded and used at any point of time. Also to generate a license key an email address is must. It also helps us in getting in touch incase of any technical support. Your email address is completely restricted and safe which won’t be accessed by anyone.

Payment Information

We use Avangate as our online payment partner for all the online transactions. Avangate is one of the top e-commerce companies with a good track record of providing best shopping cart solution for customers around the world. Avangate values their customers, their privacy a lot and have their own privacy policy.

We collect basic information of yours to keep a track on your order placed in our system. These data will be kept and maintained under our privacy protection policy.


Our website uses cookies which gets loaded to your computer with your permission. You can always block this option by changing the setting on your browser. These cookies helps in providing a much better experience in browsing our website.

 We also keep a note of your IP to distinguish our actual purchaser from the spammers. This is just to safeguard your online privacy.

If you have any query about our privacy policy then kindly get in touch with us through our contact form.