One Click to convert Apple Music aac/m4p to mp3 in Batch

No one buys music from iTunes store anymore, people love new stream service. So what about songs you have got from Apple Music? Can we enjoy them in any of my devices directly? The answer is no. Because Apple Music are AAC/M4P format, and they are in a specially protected version of it. Apple (or any streaming-music company) doesn’t want to let you do that.


But here we will introduce you a powerful tool – Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder, with it you can download a bunch of songs from Apple Music and convert them to MP3. Below is the main function of this program.


* Easy to use and batch recording music: Just one click

* Add bitrate option (up to 320kpb/s) or lossless WAV

* Enable you to build your own music library for free

* Silent recording: you don’t have to raise the volume of music during the recording process

* Captures ID3 info automatically (the title, artist and the album name)

* Auto-remove/Omit Ads in recording

* Ringtone maker

How to convert Apple Music aac/m4p to mp3


First, you should download and install the software, put the songs you want converted into your playlist.

Step 1: Click the big “Start” icon on the top surface, and then play your music playlist. The program will convert your music one by one with all the ID3 information automatically.

Step 2: Click on the same icon again, when all the songs finished.

Tips: For advanced users, you can edit ID3 Tags, create ringtone, remove short or unfinished recordings by using this smart program. All the operations are very simple and easy, anyone can do this well.

That’s all, so easy, very nice! Open the “Open Folder”, all the converted songs will be list on there, you can import them to any of your device, just enjoy it. Download the software and have a free trail.



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