(100% works) How to export Spotify playlist to iTunes (Apple Music) For Free

Is it possible to export Spotify playlist to Apple music? Yes, it’s possible.


Since Apple launched their own streaming music service “Apple music“, a lot Apple fans want to put Spotify playlist to iTunes but have no idea how to do it. Well, the short answer is No, you can’t import Spotify playlist to Apple music. Even if you are a premium user. when you are playing music from Spotify, you are streaming them (the music files in NOT on your local computer) that is why You can’t move the playlist to iTunes. You may ask that “What if I just import a playlist from Spotify to iTunes, not music files?”  Unfortunately, you can’t do it. Apple music doesn’t recognize the file format of a Spotify playlist.


However, there is a trick get this done with help of third-party software. I will show you my hands-on experience of transfer your playlist from Spotify to iTunes.


Two methods to put Spotify playlist to iTunes (Apple Music)

I have been searching for the solution for this playlist transfer task. Turn out, there are 2 main methods to achieve it. Click below links to choose your favorite method.

  1. Only playlist from Spotify to Apple music
  2. Save Spotify playlist to mp3 files and then add to iTunes (and Apple music) (recommended)



Save .MP3 files from Spotify playlist to iTunes

In this guide, I will show you how to save streaming music from Spotify to common .mp3 files so that you can play them on iTunes or any device like phone, music player.


Since it is impossible to get a downloadable link for each song on Spotify, so you can’t download a song from Spotify as mp3 directly. Here, we are going to record it one by one. It sounds time-consuming for you, right? Don’t worry, there is a smart streaming music recorder can be done it with just 1 click. You don’t have to wait in the front your computer to wait during music recording.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version

  1. Click recorder button. The program is now standby and ready for music recording.
  2. Click the play button to play the playlist on Spotify.


That it! The program is now recording the playlist and will be saving your Spotify playlist as .mp3 files separately.


  1. This software can record music with muted sound.
  2. How to add mp3 files to iTunes library


Playlist Exporter

This a free online program that allows you to export your Spotify playlists into a format you can import into a recent version of iTunes. Here, I will take Savitas as an example to export a playlist from Spotify to iTunes step by step.



  1. Create an account, or login with your Microsoft, Google or Facebook account
  2. after you have logged in you will see a new menu item for accessing your Spotify playlists, click it
  3. You will be directed to a login window from Spotify, use your Spotify username and password.
  4. Once logged in to Spotify, a screen to authorize “Savitas Playlist Exporter” to access your Spotify data will be presented, click OK and you will be redirected back to the Savitas Playlist Exporter site, and a list of your playlists should be displayed.
  5. Select the playlist that you want to export, and then the song list will display along with buttons to export the playlist.
  6. Import an iTunes playlist: Choose File > Library > Import Playlist.


Alternative Spotify playlist to iTunes tools

If above one is not working, you could use alternative tools to get the same result.

Spotify to Apple Music


Export Spotify Playlist as Plaintext

STAMP app: (An app solution for importing Spotify playlist to Apple Music, this app compatible with both Android and iOS devices.  )