The Easiest Way to Download Music from Pandora

Music on Pandora are not available for download directly from the website, in this cases, users may have to use other methods to get the music they want. If you search in the web, you will find many a lot of methods. But quickly you will realize that some of these methods are very complicated and some are invalid.


On that note, we’re here to put your sufferings to rest.  Here I suggest a powerful Pandora Music Downloader – Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder, it is an Ultimate solution that allows the users to easily download any songs they like in Pandora in batch and save it for offline playback. It is also a silent recorder, music identifier and ringtone maker.

Tips: Except Pandora, Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder allows you download music from any online music sites, radio stations, audio chats, and Additional support includes iTunes playlist, Video to audio, Movie to audio, TV Show to audio and any other audio that can be played on your system. That’s to say, you can download any audios that you play in your computer in original quality by using this great tool.


The following guide will show you how to download

music from Pandora by recording them.


Step 1: After downloading the software, install and launch it. Then click the big yellow icon on the left top in the main surface to make function Ready.

Step 2: Open Pandora, select your wanted songs to the playlist, then let your playlist play, and the Streaming Audio Recorder will record the playlist for you, and ID3 tags will be automatically identified after about 20 seconds of recording of each song.

Tips 1: It is recommended to random play model, in order to facilitate the software to better identify the songs.

Tips 2: If you are in working hours or have other inconvenience, you can turn off the computer sound, the silent recorder will record directly from the sound card.


Step 3: Click the big yellow icon on the left top of the software surface again after the recording is completed. Click “Open Folder” icon on button right of the windows, you will find all your downloaded songs are listed as .mp3 format.

Tips: After recording, you can edit ID3 Tags, create ringtone, remove short or unfinished recordings very easy with this smart tool if you need.


You must feel that this is the most convenient way to download music from Pandora or other online music just like Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube, iTunes, etc. Don’t hesitate anymore, get the Pandora music Downloader and have a free trial now.