How can I download Songs from Gaana in MP3 format?

Another streaming site similar to Saavn.

You can listen to Bollywood songs by streaming their online radio.

Although the price for a subscription for Gaana is affordable for monthly primarily for the popular yearly subscription.

The option to download offline still need you to have internet access or data.

There are two ways to download songs from Gaana in mp3 format

Annual Subscription


gaana annual subscription

Getting the popular yearly subscription is the best they offered which lets you listen offline, HD music, free of ads, and able to hear to a maximum of five devices.

The good thing here is you can download it to your devices but limited since it still needs internet access or data.

If you’re in a country who has no problem when it comes to the web and yearly costs is not an issue, then you can opt for this

Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch Audio Recorder

Cinch is very useful when it comes to people that have issues with internet access and has a limited budget.

The download is not the word but record, but still, you get the music you want like downloading music.

The software is very straightforward, as what you see above you can easily tell how to use it.

How can I download Songs from Gaana in MP3 format



If you ever encounter your smart screen notification up just click run away if you’re using Windows 10 OS.

To start:

Individual tracks

Step 1: Click Start recording.

stop recording

Step 2: Open Gaana on your browser and play the music you like to record.

Gaana Music

Step 3: When it was done, click stop recording


Step 1: On Cinch, click start recording.

Step 2: Open Gaana and Log in.

Step 3: Create your own playlist and play all of them and click stop recording when it’s done.

When it comes to recording playlist, make sure to change the settings to split randomly to split the songs. If you don’t do this setting, the music will be saved as a single audio file with a large file size.

High-Quality Music

Cinch is able to record high-quality audio from Gaana. Unlike from Saavn, when you try to download music for offline it only gives 120 kbp/s. For Gaana, when you stream and download it will still give 320 kbps/s.

Cinch is able to record lossless quality.

As you check the settings, you can change the bitrate to 320 kbp/s or to lossless.

Be reminded though that when you try to save it as lossless WAV the audio file size for a five-minute song will have a 50 MB file size.

Free Trial vs. Registered

Upon installation, the software is on a free trial and will be limited up to 5 music. This is a good chance for you to try it out first.

When you’re ready to register, not only you will get unlimited recordings but gets lifetime update as well.

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