Amazon Prime lets you access 2 million songs for free. The bad thing is some of the music you like might not be available in those 2 million songs. To be an Amazon Prime member you have to pay $99 for a year to actually have the discount of $7.99 for the unlimited music. Users don’t tend to pay extra since they can have free music already but some users will opt to add an extra $7.99 for their songs to be available which they can’t find on Prime music. In Prime Music you can have 30 days trial for you to try it out. That is a good time to actually download music from Amazon and store it and actually save money.

Amazon Prime

Is there a way to download for free without worrying copyright content and listening using other devices available?

Yes, and the method to download music on Amazon prime is to actually record it by using an audio recorder. The download option on Amazon Prime is for offline purposes which still needs data and purchasing subscription. The best audio recorder that can retain the music’s quality is Cinch Audio Recorder.

Download Cinch Audio Recorder and install

After installation you can register to access its full features and unlimited recordings.

How to Download from Amazon Prime Music for Free

Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder

On the image shown above, just click the “Start Recording” button to download Amazon Prime music. Its interface is very straightforward so you will have no difficulty using it.

Step 2: Go to Amazon Music and sign in and search the music you want to download.

amazon music

If you’re a new customer then sign up for the 30 day trial period to access free music. When you’re an existing member just go to your library and download more if your downloaded music are still few.

Step 3: Play all the music you like to for recording. You can turn on the audio on your computer or just mute it, anyway Cinch will use the core audio to record high quality music.

play music

Or for convenience, you can play all the songs in your library for Cinch to record. In this part it is important to register first our Cinch to be able to record multiple songs in your Amazon Prime library. Registration on Cinch is very beneficial since by paying a one-time payment to get lifetime updates which is affordable.

Step 4: Click “Stop Recording” when you are done.

stop recordingIf you’re recording one music at a time, just wait for 8-15 seconds for the track to appear on Cinch audio recorder. For recording multiple songs, it will still appear for a few seconds even if it’s recording the next song to play.

Cinch Audio Recorder

After recording each song the tags are automatically inputted due to its automatic ID3 tagging feature. It will load the tags like artist, title, and album automatically that’s why people love Cinch due to its rich features. Its accuracy for grabbing the tags are nearly 100% which is more efficient comparing the use of other audio recorders.

Click on output folder, all the downloaded music will list as mp3 format there.

Download songs from Amazon Prime Music is so easy, and you can get audio from other streaming music services, like Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, YouTube, etc.



  1. Shruti

    Cinch is better then apowersoft audio recorder. Sound quality is excellent and best for automatic id3 tagging. Loved it.

  2. Ross

    I like the program but the volume is noticeably lower that the streaming volume. Cinch needs to address this!!!

    • mj

      Thanks for the feedback Ross…
      We will certainly work on it and get this updated too.

  3. Cheryl

    This is just what I needed! Thank you!

  4. youngBrain

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  5. PW

    The song is chopped up on playback

  6. kim miller

    can this be put onto a MP3 player? if so how?

  7. Viky

    i want to know the quality of recording music.
    Is the recorded music in 320 kbps or not..?

  8. Harry Stack

    How do I cancel my free trial?

  9. Jean Duggan

    Great job. Very user friendly. Can not believe how easy this is to operate. Would recommend it to anyone who wants to have music on the go and no data plan.

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