How can I download Songs from in MP3 format?

If you have access to the internet, it is easy to listen to music from the is a music website that was founded in the UK in 2002. You can create a profile with them, and you can play the music anytime, anywhere by simply connecting to the internet.

But what if you have no access to the internet? How can you keep the perfect vibe of listening to your favorite music?

The answer is, to download songs from straight to your computer or your phone. But then again, how can you do that?

Look no more because there is the easiest way on how you can download songs from and that is by using Cinch Audio Recorder!


Cinch Audio Recorder is a smart audio recorder that records the best quality of sounds for you. All you have to do is click the “Record” button, and the rest of the audio recording process will be done automatically. Easy as eating a pie, isn’t it?

This audio recorder can:

  • Record online radio or songs and save it as MP3 files with a bitrate of 320kbp/s separately.
  • It also automatically copies the album title, album name, and artist for each recorded song.
  • It saves recorded music as lossless WAV.
  • You don’t have to worry that you can hear your voice in the recording because it will be muted.
  • Edit music file and save it as your phone ringtone (isn’t it amazing?)
  • Show no advertisements
  • Support a high-resolution screen.

How can I download Songs from in MP3 format?


Step 1: Launch Cinch Audio Recorder

Once you are done downloading it, launch Cinch Audio Recorder and click “Start Recording.” The record button is a round shape button located at the upper left corner of the software.

Cinch Audio Recorder


Step 2: Check and visit Last.FM website.

Login if you’re already an existing user.

If not, you can register first on a different tab or browser, so you’ll be prepared before accessing it.

Since you’re using an audio recorder, you need to choose the song you want to record at Last.FM.

Step 3: Stop Recording

Click “Stop Recording” when it’s done. It would not easily pop up right after clicking the button, so you have to pause or wait for a while for it to show on the playlist menu.

stop recording



Again, you will see the album name, year and artists as tags once the songs are finished recording.

If you want to record multiple songs or tracks, you can play a playlist, and it will continuously record the same.

And that’s it! Easy as singing ABC, right?

You don’t have to worry that you need to edit tags and upload album covers for the songs you have downloaded.

No need to worry if you will hear your voice as it is muted like you were recording in a library with a strict librarian in it.

You also don’t need to bother if you have a playlist and you want them all recorded because you can record multiple tracks by pressing the record button easily.

Have you tried to download songs from last.Fm using this method?

Let us know your thoughts!