Back in the days, I still remember that Grooveshark is one of the sites I download music from. It’s not just one of the sites but a good source for downloading copyrighted music.

In recent years, you can still listen to Grooveshark’s music on other music streaming sites.

A little bit of hassle but if you have songs which Grooveshark has then I think downloading it would be the best method.

How to Download Songs from Grooveshark in MP3 Format?

Since the songs can be heard on other music streaming sites (,, and more), the best way to do it is to record the song using Cinch Audio Recorder.

Cinch Can record the audio track with a bitrate of 320kbp/s. As long as the song played is equal to that bitrate then it can record it.

The recording is pretty easy.


Cinch Audio Recorder

Launch Cinch Audio Recorder.

Be sure to register to record unlimited music. If it’s not registered, the free trial can only record up to 5 songs only.

Open your browser and go the site where you can find Grooveshark music.


Choose a song in Grooveshark but don’t play it yet.

Click first start recording on Cinch Audio Recorder then click the play button on Grooveshark.

stop recording

Wait for the song to end.

When it’s done, click the same button on Cinch to stop recording.

That’s it!

That’s how you record a single song on Grooveshark.

If you plan to record a playlist, then follow the steps below.

Recording a Playlist

Click start recording on Cinch Audio Recorder

Play the music on Grooveshark then wait for the song to finish.

Be advised, that if you haven’t made the setting on splitting the song by random, will save the playlist into a single file.

To separate it, you need to go to settings and edit the automatic splitting of songs to random.

ID3 Editor

How to get the tags?

There’s no need to worry in regards to editing each track manually. Cinch will capture the tags like your artist, album, and title automatically after recording. The only work you need to do is observe, sit in your chair and relax while waiting for all of the songs to be recorded entirely.

What if the other Grooveshark songs are on the different music streaming site?

It’s easy, just visit that site


Play the audio and do the steps above.

What happens to the Recorded Track?

The music will be saved as an MP3 file. You can save it as lossless WAV but be advised that it will take up too much space on your hard drive or computer. A single 5-minute song can take up your computer storage or space up to 50MB.

You need to transfer the recorded tracks to another specific folder for the software to be responsive always.


If you’re a die hard fan of Grooveshark, then you can download the songs easily. It may have a different approach since it’s recording, but the approach is still similar.

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