The Best Way to Convert Spotify Music to MP3 Format

Being a Spotify user needs a bunch of songs added to your playlist to be able to play offline. Would you like to download the playlist to your cell phone in MP3 format? Is this the problem you’re facing right now? I’m sure you have these questions in mind and the answer would probably be “YES.”

Here, I’ll show you a handy program which lets you convert your favorite songs from Spotify to MP3. Actually, you can convert any music that is streamed online or from audiobooks to MP3. Online music streaming such as Apple, YouTube, Amazon Prime Music, Pandora and more.

Using this software, you can now play your favorite music from Spotify on any mobile or tablet without worrying about Wi-Fi connection or data.


The software is Cinch Audio Recorder.

Cinch Audio Recorder


Brief function of the software Cinch Audio Recorder


  • Captures automatically ID3 information such as Artist, Titles, and Album.
  • Select a bitrate option either 128 kbp/s or 320 kbp/s
  • Convert and save as lossless WAV
  • A silent recorder (muted sound while recording)
  • Create your own ringtone
  • Can support high-resolution screen

“Have a premium account on Spotify to record a higher bitrate”


The Guide to Convert Spotify music to mp3 with just one click


Step1: Click the yellow round button located on top of the Cinch UI (User Interface). Cinch is now ready to record and convert your favorite music.

“You can record a single track or your playlist from Spotify using Cinch.”

Step2: Launch Spotify or open it from your browser and play your favorite music or songs.

Step3: Click on the Stop button, the same button on the top left when you’re done with the recording.

The recorded tracks from Spotify are automatically converted to MP3. On the folder icon below, it’s where the songs are stored and saved.


Other Features You Might want to Consider



Having a default ringtone from brands like Samsung, iPhone, and others can be really confusing sometimes.

Want to have a unique ringtone from a favorite music perhaps?

Cinch Audio Recorder has that function.

See that musical note at the right?

Click that and you’ll be able to make a ringtone out of the song.

Check out the two yellow bars.

“They indicate a portion of the song you want to create a ringtone, just drag the two bars from left to right.”

To be sure, you can click the Preview button to listen to the portion you want as a ringtone. Once finalized, just click the Save button.


Lossless WAV

Saving it as a lossless WAV is possible, just check the box to save it as lossless WAV.

Be reminded though, that saving it as lossless WAV file will require a larger space from your mobile phone or an SD card.


lossless solutery

So by knowing the capabilities of Cinch Audio Recorder, does it solve your problem?

Let us know through comments if you have any questions in mind.