Best Atkiv MP3 Recorder Alternative

Aktiv MP3 Recorder is one of the popular software that can record music from popular streaming sites like Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Amazon and many more. Not only it could record music but tv live shows, online radios, video and other sources of audio that is stored on your computer. It supports popular audio formats like MP3, WMA, OGG, VOX, AIFF, and AU.

Key Features of Aktiv MP3 Recorder:

  • Choose audio quality of your choice when you record
  • Automatically prevent duplicate conversions when recording
  • User friendly
  • Has different audio effects and equalizer to further enhance audio
  • Smart silence detection- stops recording and skip silent block
  • Be able to schedule recording

Aktiv MP3 Recorder can no doubt record any music from your computer or online and for another audio recorder that can do the same would be only one that I can recommend.


The other audio recorder that can do the same could have more or has different features than Aktiv MP3 Recorder but efficiently records music or audio and that would be Cinch Audio Recorder.

Cinch Audio Recorder





The best alternative to Aktiv MP3 Recorder when it comes to recording music or audio from any popular music streaming sites like Spotify, Amazon, Soundcloud, Tidal, Youtube, TV shows, videos, online radio sites and live shows.

Cinch Audio Recorder

It records audio then save it as lossless WAV to a widely known audio format which is MP3 (320 kbps). Although it does not have the feature of choosing your own audio quality like Aktiv but for me it is not necessary to choose an audio quality that has a bitrate below 320 kbps, unless you want to hear music with a crappy audio quality which is next to impossible.


Its interface is very direct and easy to use. Recording audio has never been easier but with the use of Cinch, recording is just by a click of a button.

When you record using Cinch, the tracks recorded are automatically organized by saving it automatically to the specified folder of your choice and managed due to its automatic ID3 tagging feature which inputs artist, title and album of your recorded tracks. Its ID3 tagging feature has an accuracy as near as 100% which most audio recorder can’t do.

Another feature that you would like is the feature which you can edit the tracks and make it as a ringtone. As i found out not only it can be used for making a ringtone but can be used also in getting only the part of the audio you need for video editing.

If Aktiv has a Smart silence detection, Cinch also has a similar feature where it automatically skips between tracks and ads.

Another great thing about Cinch is you don’t need a virtual sound card for it to work once after you have installed it. Even if you muted the volume it will still record by making use of its CAC technology which records the music from the core audio making the quality very high. A great example of an audio recorder that needs a virtual sound card that I’m referring to is Wondershare Streaming Audio Recorder.

Cinch can record unlimited audio same as Aktiv but for you to make use of its full feature is you need to register it in order to get the lifetime update which is very affordable amounting to $25 and can be very beneficial in the long run.