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You might be wondering to know the team behind this wonderful software and here is a glimpse of who we are and what we do. We are a team of like minded multimedia software experts joined to understand and resolve users common issues.

After months of research we finally came up with our own Online Streaming Recorder which can record music from the core audio output of your device. This software was then put into rigorous testing to ensure better user experience. Finally it is launched and is available for all to download.

Streaming Audio Recorder

Simplicity and better user experience is what we look at and that is what we have focused on for this software. Users of any age without any kind of computer experience can still use our software and can get the desired output. The entire task can be completed with a click of a button so you can call this software as a one click audio streaming recorder.

We have made use of CAC technology in creating this software. This ensures that you can record any of your favorite music in complete silence as the software records music directly from the core audio output of the computer. So now you can record your favorite music anywhere anytime with complete peace of mind.

We also ensured that the captured audio is compatible with all type of device so we set up the output format to MP3 which is globally recognized and supported by all devices. This software is regularly monitored and updated based on users requirement and feedback which will further enhance your experience.

Download our Audio Streaming Recorder now and start recording your favorite music now!