8tracks downloader – How to Download Entire 8tracks Playlists

If you love 8tracks, you’ve probably had a long list of favorite songs on your 8tracks profile. If you want to download all of the songs on that list, it must seriously be a pain using the usual method. You must download then one by one, you’d have to find a reliable source, copy/paste, search, download, and rinse and repeat for each of those songs.


So, you wanted to automate the process, right? You are in the right place now!!! Here we will recommend you a very smart tool – Cinch Streaming Audio Recorder, which can enable you download the whole 8tracks playlists just in one click, actually, it can download all streaming audios in one click.

Furthermore, the wonderful 8tracks downloader can captures all the information about the music including the title, artist and the album name automatically, and the accuracy rate near 100%. This software directly records the music from the core audio making the quality of the audio very high. You can choose the bitrate from 128kpb/s to 320kpb/s, and get the lossless wav music by using it. Download the right version and install it, here we go.


One-click to download entire 8tracks playlists with 8tracks downloader (Windows version)

At first, put all you wanted music in the 8tracks playlist.
Step 1. Open the software and Click “Start” button on the left top of the program, play the music on 8track.
Step 2. Click the “Finish” button (the same button of the step 1) when the task is completed.

Now, open the “Fold” icon you will find all the music are listed as .mp3 format. You can import them to any portable devices, just enjoy it freedom.


Tips 1: You turn off the computer volume during the recording process, so you can take this task while sleeping or meeting.
Tips 2: By using the 8tracks downloader, you can manually split the audio files for various customization. With just few clicks you can create your own ringtone from your favorite songs and can even customize them.


Pretty sweet, right? Download it now.