5 Must-have Spotify Add-Ons

Spotify is the music service, which allows the user to access a wide range of songs on different record labels from the smartphone, desktop, laptop or other devices.

Here, we have 5 great add-ons that are featured with the Spotify, which will put forward your music experience to the next level.


Equalify Pro

Equalify Pro is the new full equalizer version for the windows and the plug-in version of Spotify. Though it is expensive, the service is worth to pay. It provides service for the Windows customer. It helps to merge or mix your favorite tunes, where, the resultant outcome will be as that of the professional one. If you want to see their performance, just simply click ‘Equalify Pro button’, which is located inside the Spotify after the download. It is suggested only for people those who love to listen to twist/mix rather than a quick play in the playlist. This tool prefers a parametric method, which is better than the regular graphical interface to fuse songs in the main Spotify interface. Moreover, with its preset functions, one can effectively test out different fusion of songs.


Spotify Web player Hotkeys

Spotify web player hotkey is a Chrome extension, which allows the user to set up the regular keyboard shortcuts such as to play, next, pause and to track in online. If the Spotify tab is not active, then the shortcuts can also be modified. It defaults key combos are, Alt+Shift+P to start and pause playback, Alt+Shift+Comma to go back to the previous track and Alt+Shift+Period will move to the next song. Perhaps, if you would like to prefer any changes in the keys combination, then go to extension page from menu and scroll down for ‘keyboard shortcuts’ then click ‘Spotify web player hotkey’s respectively, to choose your preferred combination of keys as per your wish.


The Set Listener

The Set Listener would feature with the combination of the Spotify API and API from Setlist.fm for the creation of playlist from your favorite artists or band’s recent shows. To use the Set Listener, just mention the name of the particular artist and click the search button, where, it will show the playlists in your browser with a few simple clicks. Those playlists can be saved in your Spotify account. Usually, we used to see album song rather than live recordings, hence it is still a great way to listen to tracks from a particular band. Besides, everything the Setlist.FM data is more accurate till now, likewise, as per the test, it’s up to scratch.


The Playlist Miner

The playlists Miner is near working for all the top tracks by plugging into all the popular public playlists on Spotify, which matches our search keyword. Just enter any term like ‘workout’ so you will find many tracks, which are frequently played in the playlists of others in the Spotify account. For this, one need to just login with their Spotify accounts and then can type any word, to proceed further. So, the playlist developer will find the top playlists that match the keywords, in order to make your new playlist, which could be saved to your account. Here, the user can prefer to browse in the individual playlist or select the ‘find track button’ to gather songs that are already existed in the playlists.



Last.fm is the only platform for us to find and share music and it is the effective feature, which has the ability to scroll down/log all the frequent playlists across apps and multiple devices. Spotify assists the user to look back the recent track via history. But this Last.fm will guide us and shows the list of most recently heard the song and recalls certain playlists. Further, it supports and directs the user for new tracks that are liked by the user.


Cinch streaming music recorder

It is not a Spotify plugin. But you can convert Spotify to MP3 with lossless sound quality.

Download Windows versionDownload MAC version


These Spotify add-ons can make your experience with Spotify wonderful. I strongly recommend it; so, do try it and share your experience by commenting.