How to record music from online streaming service step by step

How to Record Last.Fm to MP3 Audio File?

Last.FM is the biggest music service sharing community where you can listen to the radio of an artist you like, that was then but now listening to the music that it recommends due to its famous feature “scrobbler” is not … Read More

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How to Record Grooveshark Music to MP3 Format?

A few years back Grooveshark was one of the source for downloading music, streaming, and has a search feature to find songs which you love including copyrighted tracks. Although Shark made a backup for Grooveshark’s music almost 100% but it … Read More

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Top 5 Free Streaming Audio Recorders

Reasons for using streaming audio recorders is to listen to music without the need of internet, legally getting the music you want and be able to listen to the music of your choice. A lot of audio recorders are available … Read More

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Best Atkiv MP3 Recorder Alternative

Aktiv MP3 Recorder is one of the popular software that can record music from popular streaming sites like Spotify, Tidal, Soundcloud, Amazon and many more. Not only it could record music but tv live shows, online radios, video and other … Read More

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Top 10 Grooveshark Alternatives

Grooveshark was a music streaming site founded on 2006 by Joshua Greenberg garnering 35M users. People can upload copyrighted music to the site and organizing playlist for people to search, listen and download. It was sued by Warner music, EMI … Read More

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