How to record music from online streaming service step by step

How to Record from Live365 in MP3 Format?

Live365 is another online radio station and listen to independent artist and share globally by making your own playlist or radio station. They have diverse lists of genre for listeners to choose from. By making your own radio station you … Read More

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How to Record from Magnatune in MP3 Format?

Magnatune is one of the music streaming sites which is similar to Soundcloud and MySpace in terms of listening to unknown or independent artist. Unlike other music streaming sites Magnatune has no monthly subscription but has a one time payment … Read More

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How to Record Music from Slacker in MP3 Format?

An online radio which lets you stream for free and is geared to your fascination in music. All the songs, artists, similar music you may like can be gathered in one place by creating a custom station. There are also … Read More

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How to Record Music from Rhapsody in MP3 Format?

Rhapsody is rebranding itself to Napster which is known in the past for ripping piracy music. In regards to music and service it’s still the same with prices which are pretty similar to other music streaming sites. Knowing it now … Read More

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How to Rip Pandora Music?

Pandora music is where you can also uncover unknown music artists, play and listen to their songs with the option to listen to similar music from other artists due to their Music Genome Project. If you’re a music artist yourself … Read More

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