How to record music from online streaming service step by step

8tracks downloader – How to Download Entire 8tracks Playlists

If you love 8tracks, you’ve probably had a long list of favorite songs on your 8tracks profile. If you want to download all of the songs on that list, it must seriously be a pain using the usual method. You … Read More

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The Easiest Way to Download Music from Pandora

Music on Pandora are not available for download directly from the website, in this cases, users may have to use other methods to get the music they want. If you search in the web, you will find many a lot … Read More

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One Click to convert Apple Music aac/m4p to mp3 in Batch

No one buys music from iTunes store anymore, people love new stream service. So what about songs you have got from Apple Music? Can we enjoy them in any of my devices directly? The answer is no. Because Apple Music … Read More

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How to Record from Live365 in MP3 Format?

Live365 is another online radio station and listen to independent artist and share globally by making your own playlist or radio station. They have diverse lists of genre for listeners to choose from. By making your own radio station you … Read More

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How to Record from Magnatune in MP3 Format?

Magnatune is one of the music streaming sites which is similar to Soundcloud and MySpace in terms of listening to unknown or independent artist. Unlike other music streaming sites Magnatune has no monthly subscription but has a one time payment … Read More

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